Repeat definition is - to say or state again. How to use repeat in a sentence.


system för latinisering av icke-latinsk skrift. anslutna, 22 länder räknas t.ex. till latin-amerikanska divisionen. Några kan repeteres mot ajourførte data.

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Please pm me  16 (Music) a passage that is an exact restatement of the passage preceding it ( C14: from Old French repeter, from Latin repetere to seek again, from re- + petere   Choose the correct Latin for remaining. furor noun. hisce verbis increpavit: your , Verbis prophetae Michaeae etiam nos repetere, es qui aufers iniquitatem et  Conjugate the verb repetere in all tenses: present, past, participle, present perfect, gerund, etc. repetere i svenska. Latin - svenska ordlista. repetere.

2009 acl/njcl national latin exam introduction to latin . A Latin Gramma | r Pages 151 - 200 - Flip PDF Download Vocabulary Repetere.

repetere: Latin (lat) Words with the same origin as repetere. Descendants of peto competere impetus Descendants of re-recens remedium responsum retinere rursus. About;

3. To recite from memory: repeated the poem verbatim.

repetition meaning, definition, what is repetition: doing or saying the same thing many time: Learn more.

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(536). Jun 16, 2017 The team motto will be superesse repetere non ædificabitis or, build survive repeat in Latin.
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Inflection of repetō (second-person plural present active imperative) repeat (v.) late 14c., "to say what one has already said," from Old French repeter "say or do again, get back, demand the return of" (13c., Modern French répéeter), from Latin repetere "do or say again; attack again," from re-"again" (see re-) + petere "to go to; attack; strive after; ask for, beseech" (from PIE root *pet-"to rush, to fly"). recap, recapitulate - Recap is short for recapitulate, literally "repeat the headings." trackway - A path formed by the repeated treading of animals or people. frequent - From Latin frequens, "crowded" or "regularly repeated." spam - As in e-mail, it gets its name from the Monty Python sketch in which the word is repeated many times. early 15c., "act of saying over again," from Old French repetition and directly from Latin repetitionem (nominative repetitio) "a repeating," noun of action from past participle stem of repetere "do or say again" (see repeat (v.)).

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Soka igen , Repetere . Subfitum eft , conf . Sudofi . Sudwest . stansive . Sökande , Petitor . Aliqua de Söderländer , Plur . Terræ auftrales . cauffa fupplicans .

Engelska; Franska; Tyska; Spanska; Latin; Norska; Danska. Svenska  Faktaboks uttale: repetisjˈon etymologi: av latin repetere 'vende tilbake til, begynne på nytt igjen' Les mer i Store norske repetere papirleksikonet. samling arbeidsark for alle som trenger lre eller repetere grunnleggende regning. Han visste latin och franska, lite italienska och spanska, och ven studerat  Klassisk latin er den formen for latin som ble brukt av antikkens roma til det som aut aura omnium regnorum seminali undique dispersa, repetere non licet;  Et program til at hjælpe til med at repetere latin.

In English and Latin: Containing a most easy and expeditious method to patet ex neis occultis latitudinum & elevationum, fuperfuum futurum fit tpfam repetere.

Subject. Language - Latin. Level. 9th Grade. Created Additional Language - Latin Flashcards repeto, repetere, repetivi, repetitus. VERB  Coniugazione di: repeto = repetere: Verbo attivo INDICATIVO Presente - 3.

repetere det som er sagt repetere det som er sagt. 2 gå gjennom stoff på nytt. Latin words for repeat include repeto, frequento, congero, reddo, refero, recino, resumo, ingemino, gemino and renovo. Find more Latin words at!