If English is not your first language you should avoid to try and understand French translating into English, it seems to confuse you more than it helps you. Looking up for *ce c'est in a dictionary would help. Try this page. – None Jun 7 '14 at 17:56


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J'envisage ce que j'habiterai dehors du pays dans Translations in context of "ce" in French-English from Reverso Context: ce que, en ce qui concerne, qu'est-ce, est-ce, tout ce 2020-02-04 Ce qui (vs ce que) = what, which (relative pronouns) These examples show how ce qui (what/which) is used: Il a gagné la course, ce qui est impressionnant. He won the race, which is amazing. 2019-01-27 How to use ce qui, ce que and ce dont in French. We use the relative pronouns ce qui, ce que, and ce dont when the pronoun does not refer to a single word in the sentence, but rather to an entire clause.

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Remove Ads. Summary. French to Swedish: more detail ce genre de: Wiktionary: Ce qui translated from French to Swedish including synonyms, definitions, and related words. Translations in context of "det" in English-French from Reverso Context: Sync La combinaison ci-dessous est ce que j'appellerais le luxe décontracté, där det. French and Swedish Translation Search Results for espèce de. Search. Remove Ads. Summary.

2018-08-27 Ce and ça.

Translation for 'Ce' in the free English-French dictionary and many other French translations.

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“Ce” with the verb to be (être): We use “ce” for this, that, it or even a pronoun like he, she, they. ce, cet, ces, cette – l’adjectif demonstratif Demonstratives adjective are used to point out specific things. In French they are ce, cet, cette and ces, and translate to this, that, these and those. They must agree with the noun they precede. 1- If the pronoun you are trying to spell is not in front of a verb (so if it is in front of a noun, an adjective, etc.), then you must use ‘ce’. Example in front of a noun: > ‘Ce/se chien est très vieux’ (=That dog is very old) > here, the pronoun you are trying to spell is in front of a noun (chien=dog) The plural of “c’est” is “ce sont” but we don’t use it much in spoken French. 3 – Il est + noun is sometimes possible “Il est” + noun is sometimes (not always though) possible.

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They look and sound similar, but they’re actually quite different. What’s the difference between these French questions, and how can you use them in everyday French conversation? Everything connected to French: tout ce qui touche le français. 4.

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19 maart 2018 Boek is in het Frans een mannelijk woord, daarom kies je “ce”: ce livre. Huis is een vrouwelijk woord, daarom kies je “cette”: cette maison.

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CE translation in French-English dictionary. fr Les distributeurs autorisés doivent veiller à ce que : a. la sécurité des précurseurs de catégorie A soit assurée pendant le transport; b. toutes les mesures requises soient mises en oeuvre pour empêcher le détournement du précurseur vers un marché ou un usage illégal; et c. le précurseur soit accompagné d'un document indiquant les

8 Jun 2014 If I remember correctly, ce (and the appropriate plural/feminine forms) can mean both this or that in English, depending on the context. 26 Apr 2019 The French indefinite demonstrative pronouns are ce, ceci, cela, and ça. Their form never varies. Learn how to use them.

Learning is important: Apprendre c’est important. 2019-04-26 Technically, ce is a demonstrative adjective. It usually goes in front of a noun, to indicate “ this (one)” or “ that (one).”. Put together, est-ce literally means “is this”—or “is that.”. So far, we have qu’est-ce —“what is this.”.